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Gone Sleeveless! Living the Dream of being outside of the box!

Frustration.... should be the mother of all invention! I don't do well in a box, never have never will! I love to sew and I love quilting. But, I was frustrated with the fact that everyone in the quilting world was telling me that I could not do interesting shapes or circles because there is no easy way out there to support it! If you did decided to venture of the box you were going to need a trapeze act to support it!

I am a nationally registered interior designer, 27 years; I have many different experiences through my career that has helped me develop this system. I have designed commercial interiors, homes from the ground up, museum displays, and framed art work all had their own design issues. I love to problem solve when it comes to making something work. AutoCAD has been my drawing tool of choice for the past 19 years. I designed every portion of my hanging system and quilt sculptures patterns all in AutoCAD. Just about anything that needs to be drawn I can do it in AutoCAD.

In the Spring of 2009 I was laid off from my interiors position and started the adventure with hanging quilts without a sleeve. I had so many quilts that I had not sewn a sleeve on because I just plain didn't wantta! Gone Sleeveless Art Quilt Hanging System is a patent pending system that will elevate that frustration of properly hanging your quilt, any quilt, any shape! Actually, any fiber art what so ever can be supported by Gone Sleeveless.

Please check out my site and if you don't see what you are looking for email me or call and we can discuss the options to hang your incredible quilt design, custom hanging systems are my specialty!

Thank you for your time and interest in Gone Sleeveless!


Molly Olivier, NCIDQ


If you have any questions OR WOULD LIKE A DIFFERENT OPTION OF PAYMENT please call Molly Olivier directly at 320.290.3088. We can be contacted by email at: