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Giraffe was my first pattern that I created to prove that Gone Sleeveless could support any shape of quilt I could dream up or you for that matter! I always thought it was so cool when the nature programs would show the beautiful face of the giraffe slowly munching on some leave towering over the Serengeti. Also that everything in the background looked hazy and wispy. With worsted wool felted into the trees and hand-dyed silk for the sky I think I captured my dream and you can too!

Pattern is full scale, all pattern pieces are reversed and ready to be traced on to steam-a-seam or alike. Full scale pattern piece layout.

Requires GS-S-36G and GS-SA-16a which is sold separately. This attached to the quilted wall hanging with an archival adhesive that will be permanent. 

Quilt pattern can be used as the center of a baby quilt or wall hanging!

If you have any questions OR WOULD LIKE A DIFFERENT OPTION OF PAYMENT please call Molly Olivier directly at 320.290.3088. We can be contacted by email at: