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Walleye Trophy was designed to look just like that, a walleye trophy! What greater complement can you give that fisherman in your life then a quilted stuffed fish!! Who needs a taxidermist when they have you! The beauty of this pattern is it printed full scale; but if you would like to match the size of the fish the your fisherman caught, measure it from the top of its fin to the bottom of the belly and scale the drawing appropriately! Then you will have a trophy you both can be proud of! 

Walleye Trophy has a custom hanger available and is not sold with the pattern, just in case you wanted to put him in the center of a quilt. See "Related Products" below to order.

If you have any questions OR WOULD LIKE A DIFFERENT OPTION OF PAYMENT please call Molly Olivier directly at 320.290.3088. We can be contacted by email at: