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The medium house from the series of fabric birdhouses I refer to as Peep Shows! Why Peep Shows? They can house wonderful surprises if you let them! I embellish the back wall of the birdhouse before I finish sewing the house together. And, because you can put lights (low heat) in them you can show off your surprise through the birdie door!! They can sit on a shelf or a counter, decorate them for the seasons. I did not decorated my back wall on this medium peep show, instead I found a lighted branch for the peep show to sit in, if you plan on having your medium peep show sit on the counter you will need to purchase Birdie House Peep Show - Medium.

If you have any questions OR WOULD LIKE A DIFFERENT OPTION OF PAYMENT please call Molly Olivier directly at 320.290.3088. We can be contacted by email at: