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Photo Gallery: Square & Rectangular

Square & Rectangular Quilts are supported by the Gone Sleeveless Straights! The following quilts are supported with the GS Straights!


Quiltin' Cowgirl Design's - Tatanka on the Prairie

This was my first landscape quilt and I had to do the buffalo! With a strong connection to them through Custer State Park, I think they are the most majestic prairie animal besides the wild horse!!

This quilt is supported with the Gone Sleeveless Straight 36 inches long, GS-S-36.

Sea Turtle

This was the inspiration for the Shell-E pattern because he was begging to be free! I do have an additional sea turtle and complementary crab pattern currently in the quilting process!

This quilt is supported by Gone Sleeveless Straight 36 inches long. GS-S-36

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